Spreading awareness of this Human Tragedy

Expansion of Prison Camp Could Result in Further Tragedy


Kwan-Li-So – Camp No. 22. — One of the numerous gulag-style political prisons dotting the North Korean countryside.

In 2011, Amnesty International reported findings of an expansion of the Kwan-Li-So Camp No. 22 in North Korea. The expansion is presumed to be to help deal with the ongoing over crowding in current North Korean camps. This isn’t just a solution of sorts — along with it comes a bit of a problem Amnesty is afraid North Korea won’t take into consideration.

Kwan-Li-So is located in a rural valley area in North Korea. Many different groups of peasants live among these hills. Amnesty’s fear lies in the future fate of these peasants once expansion is complete. With the entire area, even around the peasants, enclosed what will become of the innocent inhabitants inside? Amnesty believes North Korea’s military and security personnel will begin to treat them just as the prisoners are treated, resulting in an increase in human rights violations. A full report from Amnesty is located below.



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