Spreading awareness of this Human Tragedy

How You Can Help

If you wish to help out with the situation North Korea there are multiple things you could do!

– Donations whether it’s money, food, or time multiple sites accept what you can give.

– If donating is not an option but you still wish to help then do one of the most important     things: spread awareness. Get people around you thinking about the problem in North Korea. The only way something will ever get done is if we all work together. Think of the effects learning about this crisis had on you and help relay those feelings to other people.

– Below is a list of sites that could use your help.

–    http://www.helpinghandskorea.org/how-to-help/

–    http://www.linkglobal.org/

–    http://www.northkoreanrefugees.com/

–    http://doctorswithoutborders.org/

–    http://www.thp.org/

–    http://www.concernusa.org/Public/Program.aspx?   pid=122&gclid=CLPprPeJqa8CFWeFQAod7FZhYQ

–  And many more!


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