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Controlling the Media

Media in North Korea, as one can expect, is controlled by the government. It’s part of the way they are able to keep that “cult of personality” that I talked about earlier. The government is able to control everything North Koreans read, watch, and hear. North Koreans are only given one side of every story: North Korea is right, and everyone else is wrong. Most stories in the newspapers are just propaganda glorifying the Kim family. It molds the people of North Korea into sheep that follow the government. Here is an example of a North Korea government news agency and their website.


On the other end of the spectrum, North Korea does a very good job of keeping foreign media out of its borders. A large portion of the reason so little is known about North Korea is due to the lack of people who have been into it to collect information. There has been a few exceptions though lately with all the controversy of nuclear missiles in North Korea. Kim Jong Il, before he died, allowed foreign reporters into the country to watch North Korean rocket testing to ease international tensions. Most of the things foreign media is allowed to see is propaganda to sway the truth about what goes on in the country.

A North Korean guard stands and behind him a group of reporters waiting for a rocket testing launch in North Korea.