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North Korea Selling Slaves

A North Korean man standing at a logging camp in Siberia.

Recently, with North Korea’s major economic turmoil, the government has began outsourcing North Korean laborers to other countries to work for hard currency for the government. The most known case of this is in Siberia, in the far eastern regions of Russia. Kim Jong Il had made deals with the Russian leaders that would send North Koreans to Russia to work for money by logging forests. The North Koreans who are sent over, are sent over on “contracts” in which they work for ten years or so and then are sent back home. While in these camps they live in terrible conditions with very little food. You might be saying to yourself “Well they are outside of the country. Why don’t they try to escape?” The truth is some do, but because these men who work here are around the age of 40, most of them have families back home and trying to escape would lead to punishment for them. ¬†An independent news group called VICE did a large video story over these camps in Siberia and I’ve provided a link to the page.