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Health Care in Shreds

A nurse tends to a sick child with the very little health care equipment they have.

Health care in North Korea is supposed to be free and provided by the government. It is, but only what little aid the government spends on health care. With North Korea’s “military first” policy, very little money actually makes it to the health care system. It was reported in 2011 by Amnesty International that North Korea only spends $1 per capita, the lowest in the world. To compare, the global average is $716 per capitia. This results in absolutely horrible health care conditions. Barely any medicine is available in North Korea leading to inability to cure diseases regarded as simple in other parts of the world. Sterilized needles are rare in North Korea leading to the unnecessary spread of diseases. It’s even reported that most surgeries that take place have no anesthesia used causing agonizing pain for the patient. You can find more info on the Amnesty International report by following the link below.