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Defecting from the Crisis

Many North Koreans have tried to escape the horrors of their homeland by defecting into other countries, but the majority have been unsuccessful. Countries like China refuse to accept North Koreans who escape into their country as refugees. They catch the escapees and send them back to North Korea where they are sent to work camps or executed. China sends back nearly 300 North Korean refugees every week. As a result protests have been started by numerous countries against this policy.

Chinese Police haul a North Korean refugee and her child into a foreign affairs office from where they will be deported back to North Korea.

Other countries like South Korea and Japan readily accept the refugees and South Korea even provides them with safety and an “allowance” to live off of until they are stable. Many humanitarian groups around the world help fund the programs that aid the refugees. If you wish to help some refugees look in the “How You Can Help” tab for a link to one of the groups websites.